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Koala Catherine

Koala Catherine - part of research

Koala Catherine wearing a radio tracking collar

We have rehabilitated and successfully released our first Koala (Catherine) as part of our joint Ballarat Koala research project. A big thank you to an incredible team; Emma for rescue, Jen for care and putting up with her escaping whilst held overnight and for the release location, browse collected and never ending help and support. It was a big team effort from Eastwood Vets Adrienne and Megan and now Fed Uni.

Catherine is wearing a radio transponder which allows her to be tracked for a defined period of time post release. This project team tracks the released Koalas for research purposes. It is a joint project between BWRAC and Federation University and funded by DEECA.

We are doing our best in this quest to save our future generations of our iconic Koala and that does not happen without a team from advocacy to care and release, it’s all essential!

The other exciting news is she is carrying a pinkie in her pouch approx 4-6 months old not furred yet, so we have a new generation on its way!

UPDATE: the joey has emerged from the pouch!


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