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Donate - Ballarat Wildlife Rehabilitation + Conservation


BWRAC is a registered charity run solely by volunteers who are passionate about supporting wildlife.

Where will your money go?


Wildlife Carers

Wildlife Carers volunteer their time to rescue and care for sick and injured wildlife. They rely on donations to pay for food, equipment, medicine, veterinary costs and proper housing for wildlife. Donations will primarily support carers with these costs.

Advocacy and Education

BWRAC will often run education and advocacy campaigns and events to promote and support wildlife care and conservation. A very small percentage of donations will be used to develop resources.

Administration & Infrastructure

We endeavor to keep our running costs as frugal as possible and seek donations and grants to help cover these costs. Inevitably there will be costs that we need to cover from our fundraising efforts. We acknowledge UBC Web Design for their generous pro-bono support of providing BWRAC with website design and development, and thank you to Microsoft for their Microsoft 365 grant.

BWRAC Wildlife Hospital 

BWRAC’s ultimate goal is to establish a wildlife hospital that can provide local wildlife with emergency care and treatment and work with carers to manage their ongoing rehabilitation.  This will require veterinary staff trained in wildlife care and management, a purpose built facility, equipment and medicines.

The need for specialised care for wildlife has never been greater and a local wildlife hospital could make a huge difference to the ongoing survival of threatened species in the area like the koala.


BWRAC attended the Bunnings Family Night at Delacombe in December 2022. We ran a raffle as a way of fundraising and to create an opportunity to talk to members of our community. We would like to thank our raffle prize supporters: 

Natalie Parker Artist:

Ballarat Wildlife Park:

Flagstaff Hill:

Avalon Nursery:

Cheesecake shop:

Kryal Castle:

Western Hotel:

Big W Ballarat:

Kmart Delacombe:

Warrnambool Wildlife Encounters:

Oscars Hotel:

Autobarn Delacombe:

Showbiz Cinemas:

Regent Cinemas Ballarat:


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Donate - Ballarat Wildlife Rehabilitation + Conservation

Donate - Ballarat Wildlife Rehabilitation + Conservation

Ballarat Wildlife Rehabilitation + Conservation donate

Ballarat Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation Inc
Ballarat Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation Inc
Ballarat Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation Inc
Ballarat Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation Inc

BWRAC Helping our Wildlife and their Habitats